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The Pilot Adilson Kindlemann

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Adilson Kindlemann
May 4, 1973
Curitiba, Brazil
Red Bull Air Race
Adilson Kindlemann

Adilson Kindlemann
is the first South American to compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship – South America is now the 6th continent represented.

Current airline pilot with more than 11,000 flight hours, Adilson has about 700 hours of aerobatics. During his 19 years of experience in aerobatics, he has performed over 300 shows in Brazil, reaching an audience exceeding 1 million and 800 thousand people.

Born 37 years ago in the countryside of São Paulo, Adilson made his first flight at age 15. For three consecutive years, he was the brazilian champion at unlimited level competition, winning titles from 2001 to 2003. Another important achievement was the title of Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force.

Red Bull Air Race

Working hard since 2007 to win his place in the RBAR, Kindlemann faced in 2009 five training sessions and also participated at the World Aerobatic Championship. On october of this same year, he joined the Red Bull Air Race Qualification Camping Cassarubios, in Madrid, Spain, proving his worth and ensuring the Super License.  Along the Super License, he got the chance to participate in Red Bull Air Race 2010.

Kindlemann Air Racing Team, which Adilson is pilot and owner, made the long awaited debut at Red Bull Air Race in March 27, 2010, in Abu Dhabi.

The second round of the competition was held in Perth, on the west coast of Australia, in April. Adilson came confident to the Australian city, but during the first practice session, an incident with his aircraft took him away from the rest of the championship. An aerodynamic stall made his MXS-R shock with the Swan River. He was able to fix the level of the wings before touching the water, but unfortunately after the contact, the aircraft flipped over. Adilson has no injures and was rescued within minutes.

Since the incident, Brazilian pilot has been active in his quest to return to the sport.
Initially, Kindlemann expected to return at the European leg of the competition for the last three races of 2010. However, along with the Committee of the Red Bull Air Race, has decided to return in 2011.

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